• Стратегические цели группы компаний «Аудит-плюс»

    Совершенствованию уровня обслуживания партнеров и клиентов. Пропаганда социально ориентированного бизнеса. Поддержание положительного образа компании как стабильного и надежного партнера на рынке аудиторских, юридических и консалтинговых услуг. Завоевание лидирующих позиций на украинском рынке аудиторских, юридических и консалтинговых услуг.

  • Цель создания группы компаний «Аудит-плюс»

    Организация многофункциональной группы компаний, предоставляющая комплексные аудиторские и юридические услуги и консалтинговые решения с учетом специфики всех организационно-правовых форм, масштабов и сегментов бизнеса.

  • Миссия группы компаний «Аудит-плюс»

    Помощь в достижении компаниями высокой рентабельности ведения бизнеса как на украинском, так и на международном рынке за счет интеграции традиционных и новаторских консалтинговых решений.


Auditing service

Mandatory audit of financial statements

Mandatory audit of financial statements - checking the annual and consolidated financial statements of a business entity with a view to drawing up an independent audit opinion on its compliance with established criteria and generally accepted accounting rules in accordance with a certain conceptual basis. The objective of the mandatory audit is to provide assurance that the financial statements fully and accurately reflect the actual composition of the assets and liabilities of the enterprise. The compulsory audit is provided for subjects of public interest and established by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Voluntary (initiative) audit of financial statements

Voluntary (initiative) audit of financial statements - checking the annual financial statements of a business entity or its individual component for the purpose of drawing up an independent audit opinion on its compliance with established criteria and generally accepted accounting rules according to a certain conceptual basis. Voluntary audit is conducted solely on the initiative of the enterprise and is a good example of the culture of doing business of European companies.

Audit grants of non-profit organizations

Audit grants of non-profit organizations – this is a comprehensive audit by the auditor at the enterprise, which plans to participate in the grant competition for the resumption of the work of the enterprise.

Review of financial statements

Review of financial statements – roviding the auditor with opportunities on the basis of procedures that do not give all the evidence required by the audit to ascertain what fact attracted the attention of the auditor, which gives him grounds to believe that the financial statements are not prepared in accordance with all aspects of a certain conceptual basis of the financial statements.

The survey provides an average level of confidence that the information that is the subject of the survey does not contain significant distortions.


Accounting — ensuring the reflection of business transactions in the accounts and in the accounting registers on the basis of general principles, such as prudence, continuity, autonomy, consistency, periodicity, etc.


Consulting (consulting) - activities to advise managers, managers on a wide range of issues in the financial, commercial, legal, technological, technical, expert activities. The purpose of consulting is to help the management system (management) in achieving the stated goals.

Advice on the preparation of financial statements

Today, when many public companies in the world have made a big step towards the adoption of IFRS, the preparation of financial statements for them to become much more complex. Based on the experience of previous years, the future holds new legislation and regulations, new requirements and new challenges in terms of ensuring compliance with legal requirements and standards. Employees of the auditing firm "Audit-Plus" have deep knowledge and experience to help you solve the complex issues that arise in the preparation of financial statements, including the issues related to the assessment, payment of pensions, employee compensation, share-based questions Listing converting statements in accordance with IFRS, corporate treasury and implementation secretarial functions. To improve the process of preparing your financial statements and inform you about the latest developments in corporate reporting, our experienced professionals will provide you with advice and the necessary tools, and train your staff responsible for reporting.

Perhaps you find yourself in the following situation

  • You want to be aware of the latest developments in the Russian and international financial reporting
  • You've made an investment and you want to bridge the gap between the accounting policies of the two companies
  • In the transition to IFRS was a question about training your staff and the need for reliable and comprehensive guide for the accounting
  • You are familiar with the Ukrainian accounting standards, but want to know what the difference from IFRS
  • In your small company finance department, and you would not have prevented the support of experts in the field of financial reporting
  • Do you have a serious problem with regard to accounting, you cannot  solve on their own.

How can we help you

All the organizations that need high quality services in accounting, can assist the depth and breadth of experience and knowledge of its employees. Consult our experts on financial reporting and accounting, our means of support, manuals and guides, as well as training programs for your employees to help you improve the quality of the financial statements of your company.

Rapid analysis (Due Diligence)

Today, under the due diligence (due diligence) include the due diligence undertaken by the investor to assess the various risks associated with investing. Typically, it is performed in deciding to buy a stake in the business or business project. In some cases, the term refers to the collection and analysis of information on potential or existing customers and partners to assess their financial situation and reliability.

Due Diligence - a comprehensive check of the financial condition of the company. Held for a fair presentation of the subject of investing, verify the legality and financial attractiveness of the expected project (analyzes existing and potential risks, an independent assessment of the object studied in detail the activities of the company and position in the market, analyzes the financial condition of the investee).

During Due Diligence Identifies potential safety partners, borrowers, and other participants in the project, through the collection and analysis of information about them, to protect them from possible damage, the "problem" of transactions and partners.

Cases of Due Diligence:

  • The planned reorganization of the business (particularly the case of mergers and acquisitions);
  • The purchase or sale of the company, shares, shares in the company;
  • Preparations for the implementation of large transactions and investment projects.

Experienced auditors audit firm "Audit-plus" comprehensively analyze the internal organizational structure and business scheme of the enterprise, the research work of revenues and expenditures, accounts payable and receivable, identify potential investment opportunities in the company, will reveal hidden defects, and significant areas of business risk, make recommendations the structuring of the transaction when buying business.

The result of due diligence is a detailed written report on the current study, comprising:

  • Analysis of the company (including rapid analysis, and operational analysis of financial results);
  • Analysis of the current and future assets and liabilities (both internal and external);
  • A list of the identified risks and their probabilities of occurrence (discussed including tax, credit, operational, management risks);
  • Possible ways to minimize risks.

Our professionals have extensive experience in conducting due diligence with the objects of investment. In addition, we guarantee the confidentiality of information.

Related Audit Services

  • Organization of the process of transition to IFRS.
  • Implementation of a wide range of agreed procedures.
  • Development and introduction of accounting policy, methodology and appropriate tools.
  • Services related to the implementation of the financial and tax control system, increasing the efficiency of the internal audit system of the Client, as well as optimizing the separation of powers and responsibilities of the Customer's personnel.