• Стратегические цели группы компаний «Аудит-плюс»

    Совершенствованию уровня обслуживания партнеров и клиентов. Пропаганда социально ориентированного бизнеса. Поддержание положительного образа компании как стабильного и надежного партнера на рынке аудиторских, юридических и консалтинговых услуг. Завоевание лидирующих позиций на украинском рынке аудиторских, юридических и консалтинговых услуг.

  • Цель создания группы компаний «Аудит-плюс»

    Организация многофункциональной группы компаний, предоставляющая комплексные аудиторские и юридические услуги и консалтинговые решения с учетом специфики всех организационно-правовых форм, масштабов и сегментов бизнеса.

  • Миссия группы компаний «Аудит-плюс»

    Помощь в достижении компаниями высокой рентабельности ведения бизнеса как на украинском, так и на международном рынке за счет интеграции традиционных и новаторских консалтинговых решений.

Price policy

The cost of our services depends on:

  • the state of the workflow and accounting of your company;
  • the complexity of the structure and specificity of your company's activities;
  • the volume and timing of the provision of services;
  • Experience and professional level of specialists selected for the execution of work.

We apply a pricing system, in which the cost of services is determined in stages:

First stage:

Formation of the contractual price is made individually for each client on the basis of the volume of the completed business operations and the cost of one person-day of the auditor's work.

This takes into account:

  • availability and types of licenses for operations;
  • the number of accounting registers used by the organization;
  • the value of the capital, assets and liabilities of the organization, as well as items of income and expenses of the statement of financial result;
  • the number of concluded contracts for provision of services to customers;
  • presence and number of branches and other separate structural divisions;
  • the state of the internal control system and its compliance with the scale and nature of the transactions;
  • the number of employees in the organization;
  • other significant factors.

The establishment of the cost of one person-day of the auditor's work, depending on the complexity of the client's business operations, the state and degree of automation of accounting.

Second stage:

The final establishment of a fair contractual cost of services, the terms of its provision and settlement of the parties.

In accordance with the principle of independence of auditors and audit companies, the cost of services established by the contract cannot be changed depending on the type of audit report issued (unmodified, or modified) and is subject to unconditional payment until the date of transfer of the audit report to the client. If you have any questions, please call the contact number.